BillCrap – Final Art Game

Name of the Game: BillCrap

Description: BillCrap is a game about the political process of creating bills and the riders that often get attached to them. Play with 3-6 people and try to attach your own riders to the bills each round in an attempt to get 15 points. Be careful, because the closer you get to winning the less likely everyone else is to let you pass a bill.

Instructions: The game starts with all the players drawing three cards and deciding who goes first. When that player order has been decided, the person who goes first draws a bill from the deck of long cards. Each player will place a card face up in front of the bill at the same time, except for the player who drew the bill, who will place theirs face down. The players must then vote to see if they wish to pass the bill. A majority of the players is needed to pass the bill. If the bill is passed, any player with a face down card will be flipped face up. Then any players with rider effects that target other cards will select the player they wish to effect. Once that has been confirmed, all the card effects will take effect at the same time. At the end of the round, everyone will say how many points they have and draw a new card if they have less than three in their hand. Finally, the round will move to the next player in order and play will continue. The game continues in this manner until a player reaches 15 points. Multiple players can win at the same time and should either the Rider or Bill deck run out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and place them back into the deck.



IMG_1019[1] IMG_1020 IMG_1022 IMG_1023 IMG_1024 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1027 IMG_1028This project was done solely by me.

Matt Szotek – Final Game Ideas

  1. TSA training – look through a bag for a marked item that is a bomb. You need to do it within a certain time or you lose.
  2. BillCrap – Card game where you try and pass bills with riders in order to win.
  3. Grasp – Hold your breasts and see how long it takes for people to try and get you to stop.
  4. People Drink Pong – Tape cups to different parts of your body and essentially play beer pong.(If you are below 21 use something else.)
  5. Diet Farm – Roll obese people into farm pens in order to force feed them salad in a trough.
  6. Granola war – Set up towers sing blocks and try to destroy them with projectile thrown granola bars.
  7. You have Cancer – Convince people that they do indeed have cancer
  8. Congratulations – Congratulate people at the oddest of times in order to offend them as much as possible.
  9. Dinner Time – Roleplay dinner between a family with randomly given roles, personality, and motive.
  10. Date for me – Create a dating profile for someone else and have them use it for at least a week.

Matt’s Super Blog post 3 (all my blog posts in one)

Title: Labrynthine

Go through a maze with limited vision and the possibility of being rotated and losing your bearings.


Maze2 Maze1

I did all the work on this project.

5/19 Blog Post (changes)

  • Allow for rotation of camera.
  • Give a smaller lens of view.
  • Limit the paths that you can take. I had 3
  • Allow for quarter rotations of the character.
  • Make the maze bigger.

5/17 Blog Post (changes)

  •        Make the maze smaller.
  • Make the viewing lens smaller.
  • Give the players less paths, I had 5.
  • Make the maze harder.
  • Rotate the player.


So, I had a lot of different  ideas for my reference.



-Players try to take cards from each other to stay on top, and those on the bottom suffer from having less.

-Endurance challenge with people using clips and trying to one up each other, to an extent.

Anger Management

-Balance slight irritations with your levels of anger.

-Try keeping several bars balanced while keeping one bar unbalanced. The more your try to balance things the more they fall apart.


-Make it through a maze with a limited view and disorienting view.

I only had 5 ideas for this game, I had a hard time coming up with a reference.


Political Voter game – Matt Szotek

After doing my playtests I made a few small changes to the way the game works.


1.) No longer allow players to draw cards from the discard pile.

2.) Reduced the maximum number of laws in play to be able to have 5 at a time.

3.) Reduced the number of total votes needed to win to 15.

4.) Lowered the hand size from 5 to 3.

5.) Allow players to chose turn order, recommended to do it in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner.

6.) Added more event cards.

Political Games _ Matt Szotek

1.) Voter Fraud – 4 player card game where the players have cards that give points, but other people have cards that limit the way you can use them.

2.) Melter – Melt steel beams using jet fuel. Stockpile them, on structural beams to make the building fall.

3.) Viral Site – Infect computer systems with viruses without being caught.

4.) Obesity Ball – Roll fat people into a pen where they will be fed salad.

5.) Sun God – Increase the rays of the sun and mess with the humans who scramble over the meaning behind it.

6.) Deportey- Play deportation volleyball. Launch people over the wall as they try to get back over.

7.) Trouble in China Town – Fight off chinese mafia that are trying to kill you will razor bamboo hats.

8.) Fashion Police – Act as a police officer and put them in jail completely based on looks.

9.) Bag Check – Give somebody an everyday object that becomes the bomb. Hide it in a backpack and see if the other player can find it. The more objects you take out of the bag, the less points you have.

10.) Drone drop- Drop dangerous items into people yards using drones.

Matt Szotek Game ideas

1. Sky– Run around in the sky while looking at the odd objects floating around you. Invisible walls will impede you as you walk around.

2. DAWS – Move across a platform with a few jumps. Every few seconds your controls will switch.

3. SoundScape – Navigate a pitch black room by listening to sounds and where they originate. Some sounds may try to lead you astray.

4. Board Shuffle – Play simple board games that give you ten seconds for your turn. After each turn you will shuffle to another game.

5. Spiral – Traverse a level while the camera rotates constantly. The camera will rotate faster and slower over time.

6. Safe – Stay in your safety square. Going outside of your safety square spells death.

7. The Labeled – Makes labels for everything. I mean everything.

8. Serial Crafter – Play small mini-games such as hammering in a nail. Turns out you are actually killing people.(Burying people in a wooden coffin. ex)

9. To Your Death – Try to kill your self and fail miserably. Everything that doesn’t kill you literally makes your stronger.

10. Splatter – Using a paint brush to splatter pain on a ball. Then let that ball loose and see how it paints the world.