Final Art Game

The game I created tries to serve the purpose of calming the player down. The gameplay is simple as the player stares out a window at a snowy landscape as it snows. Input is limited to only controlling the character’s, and to an extent your own, breathing. Holding down the spacebar makes the character breath in, letting go is breathing out. If I had more time I would make the background more lively and edit the sounds more so that they come through more clearly.



I did everything in this project by myself and do plan to continue polishing this project and maybe even try to get it on the app store.

Final Game Ideas

  1. Social Media Overload: try to keep minimizing notifications that keep opening from different social media sites while there notifications sounds play.
  2. Rain Drop: watch as a single rain drop continues to drip slowly to the floor over and over again.
  3. Glass Break: click the screen to crack the glass and eventually break it
  4. Fire Fun: light random objects on fire
  5. Life: keep clicking a button that earns the player more money until they die
  6. Sexual Innuendo: Insert phallic shaped objects into yonic(vaginal) shaped objects
  7. Collateral Damage: Click a button to launch a missile at a designated target, watch as the civilian and hostile death count rise

Ouija Fun Board


The game I created was inspired by Ouija Boarding back in Middle School and High School. The game only needs something that has the alphabet on it, a “viewer” to see what letter the person is on, a blindfold, and headphones to play eerie or silly music though (optional).

The game is played with two people in which one person is blindfolded and puts their fingers on the “viewer”, the other player then begins to move the viewer around, while calling out what letter they land on, and the blindfolded player tries to guess what the other player is trying to spell out. The two players then switch roles and play again.

Play Test


I worked by myself again so the idea and creation of the game was all done by myself.

Mike’s 10 Collabojam Ideas

Inspiration: Ouija Boarding and ASMR videos


  1. Wander around a deserted house as objects are randomly thrown
  2. Try to find your way out of a building by just using audio ques
  3. Try to escape from a monster/ghost when blinded by using sound and touch
  4. Communicate by only moving a stylus to different letters
  5. Play as a ghost and try to tell the owners that you died so you can pass on
  6. Wear a blanket over your head and go around acting like a ghost in public
  7. Be blindfolded and have to complete different tasks by listening to random people whispering to you
  8. Sit in a dark room by yourself while reciting as many dark chants as you can (
  9. Have a sheet over your head with only a candle illuminating the room, sit there for 10 minutes alone
  10. Wear headphones that only chant disembodied whispers from all directions while you are either blindfolded or in a dark room

Baby Onboard


The game I created focuses on the political topic of infant mortality in warzones and the transportation of their corpses. Gameplay is done by a player carrying a fake dead baby wrapped in a bag and that wrapped in a towel. The player then carries the bundle in their arms through a populated area, all while keeping a straight face. This draws attention from spectators and brings them into the state of “play” and makes them question if that baby is real and why you are carrying a bundle that looks like a baby.

-I had to unmake the baby and the pictures are not able to upload, so I will have to add those and the video (couldn’t be uploadable for some reason).

10 Political Game Ideas

  1. Vaccination Game- small minigame that shows how people that can’t get vaccinations can still be protected by those that do and what happens when people don’t.
  2. Modern Warzone Simulator- Play as an average Joe in an area constantly under terrorist bombings, random terror attacks, and having neighbors die every day.
  3. Pirate Game- play as Somalian Pirates as you raid cruise liners and evade naval ships.
  4. Maintain and expand a military prison.
  5. Maintain and expand a normal prison while trying to make a profit.
  6. Go around throwing dildos at Feminazis.
  7. Play as a doctor that choices to put certain people out of their misery from terminal diseases after hearing their stories and hardships.
  8. Walk around as a Veteran of the Vietnam War in the 1970’s and face the discrimination and hate from the public.
  9. Choose whether or not certain criminals get the death penalty as you go over the cases that ended them up in prison.
  10. Push a button to fire missiles on key military targets and in the corner of the screen it shows the impact and aftermath of what your choice did.

The Flow Game

This game is made for people to draw their own conclusions. I wanted to see how people react to the environment that they spawn into and how they go from there. Enjoy my pretentious journey of this Avangard game. The changes that I have made to the game are that the player is now allowed to move left and right, the other cubes move down towards the bottom of the level, there are buildings to give the player and environment, the level has been made longer, and I have kept an interesting mechanic. It is that if the player hits the corner of a building, the player and camera rotate really quickly and change the player’s experience and perspective. I thought it was interesting and helped get the view across that I was trying to get to, that life can be very bland and boring or crazy and perspective changing.


.Art Game

End Gameplay

I was the sole person working on this game so all work was done by myself

P.s. The first image is how the lose screen is supposed to look without display errors.


10 Game Ideas

  1. Cube walking in the rain away from the screen. Game fades out to the words “God is Dead.” Pretty much as pretensions as it gets.
  2. Red circle walking in a sea of gray squares that are constantly pushing against it.
  3. Screen continues to accelerate through increasingly more vivid and disturbing images until they reach a maximum speed at which all the images blur into one. The player navigates through these images that can change the types of images scene.
  4. Same thing as #3 but the ending is a baby floating in a sphere, ala 2001 A Space Odyssey.
  5. Having a stick and beating the crap out of a rag doll until it falls over revealing the players name written on its back. Beginning of the game has a prompt for the player to input their name.
  6. A rectangle that is controlled by the player that is trying to be forced into a hole that it just doesn’t fit into.
  7. A glass of water that droplets continue to drop into but some of them are randomly drops of blood. The player clicks when they want a droplet to fall.
  8. Play as a bright light that is in the sky that burns away the shadows on the map.
  9. A gun is on the screen pointed at a face from a side view, the player decides when to pull the trigger and to see what happens. Pulling the trigger shows an animation than flashes a picture of violence in the real world.
  10. Control multiple different characters as they walk off a cliff to their deaths at the bottom.