Gama Political Game Ideas

I don’t have many ideas yet, because I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of what a political game is.

1) Coin Giver – A game in which there is a supply of “goodness” coins. These coins are passed on person to person when someone makes you smile or laugh.

2) Deli Line Winner – A game in which you take a number at the deli when it’s busy. When they call your name out you scream something very loudly like “I win!” or “I am a god!” and then run out of the store.

3) Campaign Runner – Run your own political campaign and work your way to be President! Level up and distribute your attribute points. You will never win though.

4) Chicken Butt – Get a set number of people who want to play.

Player One – “Guess what”

Player Two – “What”

Player One – “Chicken Butt”

Player two losses in this case. The game doesn’t end until everyone loses.


Political Game Brain Droppings

Norton ’13

-Petition the White House, via the We the People Site, to offically proclaim Joshua Abraham Norton “Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico”


-Go to a library, preferably one with a really high ceiling. See how high you can stack a pile of books before you get kicked out!

I *Love* commuting!

-Get on an L platform. Get as many strangers to hug you as possible. Multiplayer version: get people to hug only you and not your opponents.

Autograph hounds

-Most celebreties can send you an autographed photo if you write and ask nicely enough. Do the same thing here, only you’re trying to collect autographed photos of dictators. The definition of “dictator” is up to the player.

T. M. I.

Tweet/Facebook update exactly -and I mean exactly- what you are doing every five minutes on the dot. Keep going until you miss a deadline.

I stole this idea from Randall Munroe

This, but implemented for real.

Political Game Ideas

1. Satan’s Fury – A game where you are playing as Satan overlooking the Earth trying to punish all of those that have sinned. Similar to Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, you have to find the sinners. You then soon realize that everyone has sinned.

2. Interference – You are playing as a NPC in a first person shooter, and you have to interfere with the protagonist as much as possible without getting shot or blown up.

3. Buffet Burglary – You are at a buffet trying to steal food off of other people’s plates. The player that can grab the most food wins.

4. Scream For Ice Cream – You go into a small ice cream shop, and see who can pay the least for the most amount of ice cream.

5. Handless Feast – You are at a fancy restaurant and the goal of the game is to see who can eat the most amount of food off of a strangers plate without using their hands. The player that eats the least amount of food loses.

6. Propaganda – A flash game where you are playing as a CIA agent trying to prevent classified information about UFOs from getting to the public.

7. Instinct – An adventure game where you are playing as an animal that is low on the food chain. You have to survive, and work your way to the top of the food chain.

8. No Cuts – You are at an amusement park and you have try and cut in line to ride a roller coaster  The player that waits the least amount of time wins.

9. Sign Here – You are standing in a park trying to get the most amount of people to sign a ridiculous petition. The player with the most signatures wins.

10. Fast Crash – A racing game where you are driving a NPC car crashing into the players racing, and trying to prevent them from finishing the race.

Deandre’s Political Game Ideas

1. CTA Joyride- Single player game where the objective is to make it through the different train lines without getting harassed and slowed down by homeless people, crazy people, and beggars. There will be different weapons such as febreeze, fake money, and headphones.

2. You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood Part 1- You are a Caucasian college student who is visiting an underprivileged neighborhood to complete volunteer hours for your school. However, you are lost and need to find your way to your destination by any means possible while avoiding the dangers of being robbed, harassed, etc.

3. You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood Part 2- You are an African American student visiting your friend’s house on a nice side of town. However, you have gotten off of the train too far away and the sun has already gone down, so your objective is to get to your friend’s house as quickly as possible without causing too much of a scene. For example, the residents of the area might get startled by a black person approaching them at night to ask for directions, or the police might stop you because you look suspicious walking around at night.

4. Nice Guys Finish Last- You are an all-around good guy going out for a night on the town, but unfortunately no woman will even so much as look your way. The objective is to try and get as many numbers as possible without being turned down for “being too nice”. Extra points if you can detect the woman putting you into the friend zone and can effectively escape before she does.

5. Public Asshole- Simple objective, cause as much assholery as possible in public. For example: cut people in line, eat out of people’s food (like take a fry from a stranger), take forever to cross the street, etc. Anything obnoxious yet legal. You lose when you break the law.

6. PMS Berserker- It is that time of the month and all you want is to get through the day without being bothered….but of course today is the day everyone annoys you. Objective is to obliterate any and every one that comes to you with crap with superhuman like strength. Some guy relentlessly hitting on you? Throw him 10 feet in the air! Some woman cuts you in line? Grab her by the hair and put her through the wall! Nothing is off limits.

7. Piss Off the 7Eleven Employee- It’s late and you’re hungry, so why not go to 7Eleven for a late night snack? One problem though, the worker there always accuses you of stealing. Objective is to liger around the store picking up things and looking at them only to put them back. The more you do this the angrier he gets….and the more points you score. You win when you are kicked out.

8. Hacker- You are visiting a computer lab and your objective is to hack as many of the computers around you as possible before you are discovered.

9. Get Fired!- You are so tired of teaching these brats! Do what you can to get fired without breaking the law, such as being rude to students and parents.

10. Police Perspective- You are on patrol as a police officer and you see a mugging taking place, but as you get closer it is just a grandson helping his grandmother hold her purse. The goal is to try and determine at a distance whether or not what you see is an actual crime or is it just in your head.

Nick’s Political Game Ideas

1 –   A.D.D.    –  In a group of 4, hand out cards face-down with unknown time amounts written on them ranging from 20m – 60m.  For a 12 hour period, each player must change what they are doing or working on and switch to something else, includes eating and bathroom visits.

2 –   Obsolete   – Find a large group of people who all have jobs in the service industry doing manual labor or repeated work.  On a designated start date, all players have 3 months to completely replace themselves with machines and computer technology.  The reward is not having to work anymore.

3 –  Gesture  –  Walking with a group of people or friends, continuously make efforts to all wave or gesture toward a single individual and see what their reaction is.

4 –   Penny Pincher  –  Go to 7/11 and try to buy something less than a dollar using only the change in the penny cup.

5  –  1,000,000 FB Likes   –  Post on your FB that you will do something (with a picture) if the image is liked over 1M times on FB.

6  –  Now on the Internet  –  Go to any library with a pad of sticky notes and find books that contain information that is now free or open source on the internet – write on the sticky note “Now found on the internet – (/w link)”

7  –   Gotcha!!!   –  Take a stack of 100 DVDs and burn socially conscious documentaries and other related media on them – write PORN COLLECTION or some similar phrase on all of them – leave them everywhere you go, school, bathrooms, streets, anywhere.

8  –  Crowdfunding  –  stand on the street and help the homeless by either dressing up homeless and begging for money with them or beg for them – everything you earn goes to them.

9  –   Hush Hush  –  In a video game, you play as Obama starting on November 24, 2012 -your objective is to bomb as many people with predator drones as possible in other countries while trying to report as few as possible to the US / media.  If you make it to Dec 24, 2012, you win by signing an executive order stating you no longer have to report drone strikes.

10 –   Self Sufficient  –  In a team or on your own, make an effort to reduce your dependence on power from the “Grid” and begin generating it on your own with any of the accessible technologies that are now available for power generation.

Tom Huffman’s Political Game Ideas

1)      Nazi your friends

  1. Make Wikipedia pages for your friends. Imply that they are in some way related to the Nazi party. See how long before the page gets taken down or they find out.

2)      Dating game

  1. A dating service that matches people regales of what criteria they give it.

3)      Wallmart camp out

  1. Find any 24 hour store and see how long you can stay. Players can find places to sleep and buy food from that store to eat.

4)      Forum celebrity

  1. Post in a forum pretending to be a B movie celebrity and see if you can convince anyone with your over abundance of knowledge of that person.

5)      You’re doing it wrong

  1. Go into any online FPS game with a group of your friends and role play as the civilians who live on the battle field.

Mark’s 10 Political Art Game Ideas

  1. DeMinecraft – Players join public Minecraft servers and give the regular Minecraft players the experience of being in a cave-in by filling in their mines behind them.
  2. Hordes of Women…to kill – This would be a Left 4 Dead 2 mod where the only player models that are used for the zombies are the female ones.  It would be interesting to see players’ reactions to the violence of a game when it is only being performed against women.
  3. This is my floor – Players try to make other elevator goers get out of the elevator before they reach their intended floor.  The more floors away the more points you get.
  4. Step into their Shoes – The player performs a simple task in the game world, e.g. going to a shop, but does so several times, and each time they represent a different race or ethnicity.  The encounters in the shop respond to who you are making it different each time.
  5. Bullied – This game recreates for the player what it’s like to be bullied in school and/or otherwise.  The intention would be to make the player feel anxious, harassed, and even scared.
  6. Red State vs Blue State – In Halo matchmaking try to get the players to engage in political debate with you or with each other.  Maybe even try to moderate the debate once it starts.
  7. Food Grabber 2013 – When eating with someone, try to take as much food from their plate as you can before they explicitly tell you to stop.
  8. Wave Game Play by waving at strangers out in public.  Score by getting them to wave back to you.
  9. Friend Request – Create a fake facebook profile with a picture of an attractive woman as your profile pic.  See how many friends you can get in a week.
  10. Oh, thanks… – Players score points by getting others to thank them for compliments on things that obviously don’t apply, e.g. “Nice scarf!”: They’re not wearing a scarf.


Political Game Ideas

Fight Club-Goal is for players to try to start a fight with a random stranger, and lose.

Minimal Chaos-Game where players must come up with unique ways to come up with mischief that will cause minimal damage (example, going into a library and stealthy rearranging what monitor is plugged into what computer.)

Your Own Faults-Weird twist of truth or dare, but just the truth, you must try to outdo the other players by revealing a worse shortcoming or weakness, or flaw than anyone else. How long the game lasts depends on how far players want to take it to.

Say Cheese-Goal is to take as many pictures with random strangers as possible within a set time limit.

The Next item on the Food Chain-Simulation game where players choose what animals humans will eat and what percentage of the animal’s population will be sued on a yearly basis. Players must find a balance when demand becomes too high and extinction is eminent.

Be Homeless-Players must dress and act homeless begging on the streets. Players who earn the most money in a day win. All players then donate their earnings to charity.

Deus Ex Machina- Players are given a person to decide their start in life. They will choose what kind of family he is born into and they shall watch as the person progress through life. At any three points, the player will be able to change their person’s fate and see how their person reacts.

Banker’s Hold em-Players will be able to gamble other people money with other bankers from other nations. They will see how their wins and losses affect the economy.

Is this ethical-Players will progress through a live like environment having to make certain ethical decisions that come up. What choices they make will affect the outcome of the game and they will be compared to what other players have chosen.

Control State-Players are given a sim like game where they choose what laws to put in place and lift. Players shall see npc reaction to each decision.


Ashley’s 10 Political Ideas

COINTELPRO – A game about the FBI’s 1960’s tactics to subvert the Black Panther Party. In the game you take on the role of William O’Neal, a bodyguard to Fred Hampton and an FBI informant who must map out Hampton’s apartment layout. Upon mapping it out and giving it to your boss, Roy Mitchell, an FBI raid happens in which Fred Hampton is murdered in his bed while asleep.

Criminal Intent – You play as a recent college graduate who has landed an assistantship to Dr. Albert Kligman from the University of Pennsylvania. You are told to inject many “volunteer” prisoners with the “solution”. If you ask what it is, Kligman respons, “I don’t know whether it’s dog piss or the cure to cancer.” As you check up with the patients over the months, they rapidly digress. Their bodies develop horrific pustules and one of them can no longer speak. If you refuse to treat the patients, you are consequently fired. If you continue, one of them eventually dies. At the end, you discover you are giving them Agent Orange at the request of Johnson & Johnson and the US Army.

Treasure Among Trash – You play as a hermit crab that has chosen to pick a broken bottle as his shell. You travel along a beach coast, removing debris and trash among the coast. The more trash you remove, the larger you grow. Eventually you must find another broken bottle to move into.

Bad Blood in Tuskegee – You are a child in Alabama. You are clearly sick, as moving around hurts your health bar. You beg to go to the doctor, but your mother vehemently denies it. Eventually, after two night cycles, you learn that your father was knowingly infected with syphilis by the US government as a part of an experiment and eventually died. He infected your mother and yourself which stems from her distrust of the government and their doctors.

Candyland – You are raised by a black “mammy”. At first the quests are light-hearted and heavily nostalgic of the ‘good ole days’, but as the quests continue they get crueler until eventually the “mammy” is just your ordinary, typical slave.

Countdown to the Jump Off – You are a world leader who must maintain international relations as the Doomsday Clock ticks ever-closer to midnight. Every diplomatic action you do has repercussions that upset another nation and consequently drives the world closer to nuclear war.

Dryad – You play as the champion of Mother Nature. You preside over a scenic garden, maintaining it to perfection. But slowly the environment changes – smog rolls in that kills off the flowers, and the spring water becomes polluted with murky poison that turns your slice of heaven into a wasteland.

Perspective – A stream of images play across the screen. In the beginning, they are inspiring landscape photographs. As time goes on, the images transition to focus on animals and nature, to animals and humanity, to humanity and civilization. The images change to human warfare, and eventually regress to harmed humans, harmed animals, and pictures of a desolate wasteland.

Heart of the Devil – You are a resident of Kowloon City. You must navigate through the maze like interior of the city. You are required to reach the rooftops to meet up with your friends, go from the rooftops to your home, and then go from your home to the Buddhist temple. After that, you are served a letter of eviction and a meager compensation.

Persevere – You must steal food in between your meager breaks at your internship in order to get enough energy to continue working. Getting caught by a loss prevention officer places you at risk of being fired unless you can convince them to let you go. Sometimes your studio has events where they order pizza to eat.

Peter’s Political Game Ideas

  1. The Eyes Have it – The object of the game is to make eye contact with as many stangers as possible. Players can set their own time limit but must keep track of how many people they make eye contact with
  2. Roadmapper – Players must change a 4-way stop intersection by drawing turn only lanes in chalk on the pavement. Players who get the most cars to turn wins. Negative points are given for cars that deviate from the turn only direction
  3. Library Lemons – Players must install a faux Google Chrome shortcut on as many public library computers as they can, while simultaneously deleting the original shortcut. The shortcut actually links to After installing players must observe to watch players as they open Google Chrome. Players can decide point values (for example old ladies that open it are worth 50 points, screams are worth 100, etc.)
  4. Homeless Simulator– (Adapted from Homeless RPG) Players must go out into the world dressed as a homeless person and live off the streets and beg for money. The player with the highest total by the end of a predetermined time wins.
  5. Complimentary Shadow- Players must speed walk directly behind people, trying to get as close to them as possible without them  noticing. If player is discovered and called out, the player must respond by saying a compliment to the person they are following and then walk away. For example, upon discovery, a player might respond “You have beautiful eyes” and then walk in the opposite direction.
  6. Arms Race- Players must collect as many guns as they can throughout the game and create a stockpile within their home. Players can act as voluntary justice seekers, eliminating crime. However due to a lack of gun training, players attempts often result in many civilian casualties
  7. Deaths of Fate- Players have the option to choose between two-three options of what to do in the game, whether it is helping an NPC or hurting them. However, no matter what choice the player makes the outcome will always be the same, which is the death of the NPC.