Lerp Traffic Presentation

New Title: You Are Going To Lose – Thanks for the feedback guys!


So, I still wasn’t quite able to finish up this game but began adding in some of the possible game play changes and mopped up a quick art style. I still want to get a few more things in, like sounds, music, particle effects, new objective model, menus and the 3 game modes that we brainstormed during my last playtest but for now this is what I’ve got.

Possible Gamemodes

  1. Timed Gameplay – 8 Seconds to grab the objective – If you hit a past self you die
  2. Timed Bounce Gameplay – Same 8 seconds to grab the objective except when you hit other past selves you only bounce off them.
  3. Round Based – The previous game in which players have specific rounds and everything is reset each round
All of these game modes are already in place but just need some polish and setup for them to work properly.

6 Things I changed:

  1. Changed basic gameplay back to a “No Round” system in which everything just keeps flowing over time
  2. Added in quick art style – Needs some more love to look polished
  3. Added tails that allow players to see where each past self has been – Tails slowly fade over time
  4. Opening the player up now works with past selves
  5. Fixed a few bugs pertaining to basic game play like spawning on top of one another and more
  6. Added in cubes that block the vision of spawning blocks – Makes the game more similar to that of the animation of blocks coming in from “Off Screen”

Follow Me

Follow Me is a game inspired by the following animation http://vimeo.com/groups/ani356/videos/59366962

The player leads penguins through a limited view world. As the player progress new obstacles are place in which the player must decide which path they want their penguin to take. The goal is to get whichever penguins you like to Party Town while the others are forced to die.


Gamaliel – Programming

Tommy – Art

Deandre – Art

Nick – Sound

Dan – Design

History Juan v2

EDIT: Youtube video link!

*History Juan*

jedrysiakmegan hist1: http://vimeo.com/groups/ani356/videos/59409012
LERP Traffic: https://vimeo.com/groups/ani356/videos/59385024

Untitled Art Game #003



The purpose of this game is to use color and movement to create the feel of the animation LERP TRAFFIC. This feeling is obtained through the movement of the player. It is also obtained through expulsion of the colorful animations.

Movement: arrow keys to move
Up: Jump
Space: to Reset your shadow to player position

Sean: Art/Programming
Jorge: Art/Programming
Christina: Art/Programming


Penetration is a game based off of the Animation “LERP Traffic”

Download the game here 

Penetration is a game that is similar to Pong only instead of bouncing the ball back at your opponent, you are trying to get the ball into the hole in your paddle. As the game goes on more paddles spawn and more balls come into play making the game a crazy experience.

Penetration from Brad Garrett on Vimeo.


Player 1:
A & D – Move pink paddles
W & S – Move purple paddles
Caps Lock – Open paddles
Player 2:
Up & Down Arrow Keys – Move cyan paddles
Left & Right Arrow Keys – Move blue paddles
Num Pad 0 – Open paddles
Esc – Exit the game

Created by:
Ricky Roberson – Programmer
David Finseth – Audio
Brad Garrett – Design

Solar Traffic – Final

Download and play Solar Traffic.

Solar Traffic was inspired by the animation LERP Traffic.  Solar Traffic is about moving through and finding rewarding paths in a world which gets more and more complex.  The obstacles in the world emulate the movement patterns of the objects in the animation, and the art style mirrors the animation as well.  The music in the game is there to reflect and build on the emotions brought about by watching the animation.

The Team:

  • Thomas Huffman – Programming/Design
  • Tyler Murray – Design
  • Mark Nauta – Programming/Design/Audio


Solar Traffic Playthrough



Lerp Traffic Exe – GPM

Lerp Traffic Update and exe

I have another update for the Lerp Traffic game, I cleaned up a lot of the code and now just need to finish up a few more gameplay aspects and art it.

Right now I need feedback on how gameplay is handled, I can take it in a number of different directions but don’t really know what would be best.

Let me know what you think

LerpTraffic – GPM



Based on Lerp Traffic

Controls Player 1:
A & D – Move pink paddels
W & S – Move purple paddels
Controls Player 2:
Up & Down Arrow Keys – Move cyan paddels
Left & Right Arrow Keys – Move blue paddels
Esc – Exit the game

Things Changed:
-Added more paddles
-Audio on score
-Balls pass through the paddle holes
-Balls rotation
-Balls spawn rate increase
-Increase paddles over time
-Points change on bounce (maxed at 3)

Brad Garrett
David Finseth
Ricky Roberson