Victoria McCreary – Political Art Game Ideas

Oedipus Complex: In this game you play as the son of a stereotypical white middle class suburban home. You then plot to kill your father so that you are able to marry your mother.

Rule 34: In this game you type in a word and it generates porn of that word.

Social Justice Warrior: This game is a typing game that takes place in the tumblrverse where you type prompts in order to destroy all of the cisgendered white males. The faster you type, the faster your privilege meter goes up which allows you to do more damage. The end boss is the Patriarchy.

Human Farm: In this game, the dinosaurs have come back from their vacation in outerspace. You play as a dinosaur that is now the superior species (obviously). In this game you help manage human meat factory farms.

Munchies: In this game you play as a DEA robocop in the future. The United States has made weed legal and now it’s chaos. People are breaking into stores and stealing all of their food to help combat their munchies. It’s your job to save the country by shooting them all down and stop them from destroying everything.

Pro-Life: This game takes place in a world where abortion has been outlawed. You play through different children’s lives after their mother’s were unallowed their right to choose.

First Person Shooter: This is a drinking game where a group of people watch a compilation of Fox News reports after mass shootings in America. Shots are taken every time they mention video games.

NKBK: You play as an American journalist that has been captured and jailed by North Korea. This is a stealth game where the end boss is Dear Leader. This game is impossible to win because he destroys you with his basketballs he invented and throws the moon at you.

Social Networking: Person thinks of the most offensive thing they can come up with and posts it to a social networking site (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Then they track how many friends/followers/etc. they lose. The person that loses the most wins.

Political Art Game Ideas

he Economist – As the POTUS you have to try to fix the economy within your four years in office. Failure results in assasination.


Lawyered – There is an innocent man on trial for murder. While all the evidence is pointing towards him, you know for a fact that he is innocent.


World At War – It is the year 2025 and the world is at war. With the main combatants being the U.S. and North Korea. You must gain allies and defeat enemies to win.


Deep Drilled – You work at an oil company. You are also tied into the government which absolves you of liabilities. You choose where to drill all over the world, but certain areas have certain consequences.


Corrupt – Play as a cop trying to move up the ranks using not so legal means.


Entertainment? – Inspired by the movie Blackfish you are a fisherman who catches aquatic animals  for the purpose of selling them to places like SeaWorld.


March – Set during the civil rights movement, you are an activist trying to achieve rights and equality for  your people. Choose to be peaceful like MLK or choose the violent and forceful path like Malcolm X.


The Toy Box – As the child’s favorite toy, you make the rules. However after years of neglect from older and forgotten toys an attempted mutiny has led you to dictatorship, can you keep things under control?


Colonize – In an empty universe, you must take your country and explore from Earth and try to colonize as many place as possible. Building and breaking alliances as you go.


The Peacekeepers – Some countries want to help others out of the 3rd world, and some want to keep them there. Your job is to assist countries in developing themselves while drawing the ire of some more developed countries.


Political Art Game

Ryan Laufenberg

1. Rigging Election Game.
Bribe people to vote for you.
2. Nuclear bomb building and hiding.
Build bombs and hide them from people.
3. Race trust Security guard.
Choose who gets to go in or not.
4. Corrupt cop.
Day in the life of a cop who gets away with everything.
5. Prison Guard sim.
Play as a prison guard doing whatever you want.
6. Catch the druggies.
Arrest all of the drug users instead of the murderers and rapists.
7. Law breaking and bribing.
See how many laws you can break and collect money, the more you collect, the less your crime/sentence.
8. Kill over arrest.
“Accidentally” shoot all suspects and offenders.
9. Good cop bad cop.
Bribe suspects or torture them to get info.
10. Release the prisoners.
Choose which prisoners get to leave based on crime.

Frank Arena: 10 Political Games

1.) Planted: Diner Dash esque game about regulating a power plant using fossil fuels. Game revolves around how clean you can keep the planet, while still turning a profit.

2.) Pick Right: A matching game in which you have to match the white dots up with other white dots. If you pick a black dot accidentally, points are lost. Dots turn out to be the tops of people’s heads.

3.) The World’s Trust: Invest the world’s money in various economies. Random events hinder your progress. Think “Pandemic” but with money management.

4.) The Final Bell: You are surfing through a virtual space atop a textbook. Dodge student loans and bad grades or you’ll have to drop out…of the race!

5.) 3/5ths: Control 5 games at once, you fail if you cannot juggle 3 out of 5 games at any given time. Games include feeding a starving child, doing basic math in an elementary school, digging up oil, etc.

6.) Toy Soldiers: Raise an army in order to defeat neighboring tribes. The younger the soldier, the cheaper the cost.

7.) The Good Captain: Shoot your way off of a tanker and to the safety of the US Anti-Terrorist Unit.

8.) Ir-Elephant: Try to hold a conversation with a person constantly talking over you and shoving their ideals in your face.

9.) 1st World: Manage world resources. Play as a country leader in a world with an ever dwindling supply of oil and water. Do you go to war and waste tons of resources to horde it all or make peace to share it?

10.) Bio Savior: Use home grown resources to get closer to curing a disease. As you get close you will gain private funding, then funded by your country to world funding to cure multiple diseases.

Political Game

Kenneth Erlichman


Psychopath simulator: you and 99 others are on a large island. You must kill them all while keeping your insanity high enough by doing irregular things such as rape or torture. Do not die. Stylized hunger games.

The Gaia Theory: you are the earth and you are sick of humans destroying you. Kill them off as quickly as possible through natural disaster and disease. you must keep animals alive to continue the cycle of life.

A healthy mental diet: hunt, cook, and eat people in Vietnam as you fight for America by killing the Vietcong and posting propaganda. Tastier food reduces your stability less, and stability is boosted by radical speeches. Mud and Blood inspired.

Text Based Torture: torture a detailed randomized victim in a text based game. killing the victim ends the game. the victim can die from many means, including bleeding out or mental breakdown.

Training day: destroy a large number of passenger trains to 90’s montage music. you must plant the bomb, jump out the train, and watch an explosion. this is all done in clear montage clips

WOWWEE GO KIL URSELF: walk through an art gallery where each art piece maims or kills your avatar in distinct ways. examples are a cyanide pill, automated guillotines, or an electric chair. the game is one by escaping the gallery by simply walking to the right and circuming to your curiosity. the game can only be played once.

They’re full of hot air: Congress is full of people farting. Fart the loudest, but don’t shit your pants. Your gas and others gas knock out other politicians.

Happy Holey days: A dead turkey shoots up a mall, killing as many as possible before the police come and his goose is cooked.

The News at Nine: Report ridiculous story’s, boosting ratings, and do whatever possible to make those stories true. Lighting buildings on fire, planting bombs, and other newsworthy tasks raise your scores. How you present the story also effects your ratings and score.

On The Scene: Point your camera on an ongoing catastrophe. The better the shot, the higher score. Like any good reporter, you must keep your distance from the subject.

Bonus: No Mister bond, now you die! : send 007 through a labyrinth of traps, draining his resources and stamina before your final bout.

Political Game Ideas

1)Border Patrol- Play as a Mexican immigrant who must flee into the U.S. to escape drug lords. You must use stealth to hide from the drug lords & the U.S. border patrol until you reach your goal.

2)Hero- You are a soilder stationed int the middle east. Although you believe you are here for a good cause, the citizens rtreat you like shit. Ignore their increasing aggressiveness and they kill you or go all out and kill them, creating more terrorists as a result.

3)Just Keep Swimming- A frogger clone where you play as a fish. Dodge pollution in the ocean to return to your nest.

4)PTSD In The COD- Call of Duty event where I pretend to suffer from PTSD.

5)GTAV Selfie Olympics- GTA Online event where I try to get people to stop killing each other, and get them to compete for the most outrageous selfie.

6)Chiraq Standoff- You a gang member trying to kill a rival gang member in a crowded area. You seem to have a clear shot, but you have terrible aim & you
hold your gun sideways.

7)Codebreaker- Play as a perverted NSA agent. Break down firewalls and find backdoors to break into female’s webcams & watch them undress.

8)Downward Spiral- A depression simulatator where you must stop yourself from commiting suicide. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly
more difficult to raise your happiness levels. When your depression reaches 100%, you’ll take your life.

9)Kony’s Surprise Adoption- You play as Kony, and you ‘adopt’ african children to be your soliders. Like Pikmin or Overlord, you can send them off to fight enemies
or ‘adopt’ more children.

10)Drop the bass- You are a plane dropping bombs on a city full of civilians. The more death & destruction you cause, the louder & faster the beat becomes.
Once the beat is the fastest it can be, you drop the nuke.

10 Political game ideas

Eat Healthy

You go around grocery stores finding people with unhealthy or frozen foods in their shopping cart. You must then go and find the fresh or healthy equivalent and replace the item in the cart.

Guess the race

A picture will be shown to the player and a number of choices will be given. The player has to guess the correct race to get points. At the end the score will read “You are x% racist!”

Fish the sea

You must move your boat around the map fishing the various spots of tuna that have spawned and will continue to reproduce if not fished. There is a demand meter that the player must keep below a certain threshold by fishing the tuna. As the game progresses the player outfishes the reproduction rate of the fish eventually making the player lose.

Election ads sim

Turn based 1v1 strategy game where the player can choose to send their money that they gain every turn on various advertisements. These advertisements will either up the players public perception or lower the opponents public perception and the one with the best public standing at the end of the game will win. However, it’s really hard to increase your own public perception so the only way to win is by slandering your opponent.

Convert the young

In this time based game you run around as a priest converting people of all ages by standing near them. However the older they are the longer it takes for that npc to convert. Eventuality the player will only start converting the youngest npcs for the best score.

The pull out method

You press the spacebar repeatedly to fill up the bust meter. Once the meter is in the threshold you can press bust button to get score. The closer the player is to the end of the bar the better the score. However if the player hits the end of the bar he busts inside and the game is over.


Go to little league games during the summer and sit in the stands. Heckle the batters. Points for every time the kid looks at you and bonus points if you make a kid cry.


The player enters their number and will receive a text every couple of minutes with a simple question that most of the  population could answer such as what is 5×3 ?  The player gets points based on how fast they respond.

Uncomfortably long handshake

You and other players must go around shaking people’s hands at a convention. However, you must try shake their hand as long as possible. This game is best played with more people and whoever ends up with the longest handshake wins.

My Parent’s Money

You play a sims mod except your parents income is randomized at the beginning. This will give you a random amount of resources and you must try and build out of it. It’s obviously much easier if you start the game with a lot of money than not.

 Sean Hones

Political Art Game Ideas

Pokemon Penpal: Within Pokemon X/Y, nickname a bunch of pokemon to have a valid email address and wondertrade them out to the world. Be sure to watch out for an email from your new friends who randomly received your pokemon!


Data Tracker: A mundane rpg where you go around living an average life and doing average tasks, but the game tracks an absurd amount of data about the activities you do during play. A meter conveying NSA concern over your activities will have you second guessing every simple thing you do.


Gender Roles: Play as an androgynous person just going about their life. Everything in our society has some sort of gender expression to it, so everything you do will move your character more towards their action-associated gender. The player has no control of their physical gender expression, only their actions that determine what they convey to others.


Screw Public Transit: A game where you have to get to a bunch of cryptic landmarks around the city and you have to get there using the CTA. There are time limits imposed on the player between destinations, so if the CTA is slow that day, which it always is, then you’re screwed!


Express Lane: Go to a local grocery store and use the express lane checkout (usually has a maximum number of items). See how many items you can go over the limit without them sending you away. You must successfully check out all of your items for your score to count.


Self Portrait: Express yourself to being a fine artist to those on public transit and offer to draw portraits of people for free. Draw the shittiest picture possible. Don’t forget to sign and give it to them!


Risky Business: Basically the game risk but the names of the territories are large corporations that run the country. Use your army of lobbyists to conquer the globe!


We Can’t (Game)Stop: Go to a GameStop and buy a used game. Go back within the allotted return time and return that game and get a different one. Going to different GameStops usually helps, because returning to the same store often makes them suspicious. Bonus points for returning to the same store, and the longest chain of exchanged games wins!


Social Garden: Users can tend to gardens that are only viewable within a certain range of registered GPS coordinates. Realtime weather reports and time of day may effect the status of the garden.


Fake Server: In a restaurant, go around to tables and ask customers how they’re doing and if everything is okay. Offer to bring them things that you have no ability to bring them and say you’ll be right back.


Five changes:

Added another rule to make it seem more toward formal art.
Removed a card based on situational problems.
Added more time to think
changed rule to account if third party is involved.
Made taking offense category optional for third party involved

Christopher Regan

Political Game Ideas:

1. -Border Rogan (Border patrol in 1800 as a Native America)
Defend the borders of America. One by one, then by two and three,
their masses are growing, closer and closer, invading…Use every arrow in
your aresenal to sink their ships, defend your family, sheild your rights
and protect your heritage at all costs, as a proud Native American.

2. -CopShot Magazine ((Pokemon Snapshot feature)

Explore the city with your quick camera to capture when cops break the law!
Learn the laws and your rights as a citizen in reporting all crimes,
even  by the law enforcers. Capture enough crimes to keep up
with your quota and publish to the entire world though CopShot Magazine.

3. -F…