collabojam / political game ideas

though not fully ten and also late in uploadin’, below are my ideas for the last two game projects:


Fast-Food All-Star – The player stars as the premier employee at the fast food chain Eat-A-Lot where customers are always lined up for its famous Food Goop. For each customer you must turn a rusty old lever to release the Food Goop from the dripper into the customer’s open mouth. If you feed them too little, they will not leave from under the dripper. If you feed them too much, they will be eaten by the next customer. If you feed them just right they will lick their lips and slug on out. This is a game about making people feel disgusting.

Hot Dog Eating Contest – You and your team of two other people are competing against another team of three people to become the Hot Dog Kings!! One person cooks the dogs, another ties them to strings hanging from the ceiling, while the last eats these Dangling Dogs. The teams have four minutes to consume as many dogs as possible; the team with the most dogs eaten is the winner. As a fun bonus if you can throw a dog at your Consumption Teammate and they successfully catch it in their mouth, you get 3 additional hot dog points added to your score: Hot DOG! Our animation, blue goop (haas_cycle), made me think of disgusting, mindless consumption. People do things like the cinnamon/gallon challenge all the time despite knowing that it’ll result in pure barfing – with these in mind, hot dog eating contest is about doing stupid gross things without considering the nature of what you are actually doing.

My Planet – The player sits on a park bench with a big plastic bag full of snacks and must aim their created garbage at the local wildlife, fellow parkers, and plant-life. They can slowly reach into their bag of snacks, unwrap/eat a snack, then proceed to chuck it at what they please. Gross sounds come from when the player eats. Feedback from what the player hits is not very extreme. The game would focus on a feeling of apathy rather than comedy or environmental preachiness.

RETAIL THERAPY – Browse through the fake internet purchasing cool items and watch as you see your bank account funds rapidly decrease. Big text appear on screen next to your bank statement like -$900 RENT or -$35 GUMMY BEARS. The landlord comes knocking at the door once you dip into the negative!

Pest Control – You play as a small blob on a kitchen floor. At first you hop about body stomping kitchen bugs, but as you collect more you become bigger and move lurchier. As you become bigger you can spit out minion goos to lose mass but collect the bugs you are too slow to catch. You can control each minion goo with random key board buttons to make them hop or come back to you.

political  :

Public Space – This game focuses on creating a publicly created space on the internet. I would put-up half sheets of paper with a specific link that would allow the person with that link to edit a facet of the webpage.This could link could lead to editing what certain text displays/how, a banner image, a hyperlink, etc. Multiple people can pick up and edit the same link. The idea is to have a website that encourages people to do with it whatever they want.

TOY BOX ! – The game focuses on giving players props, a few lines of direction, and a certain amount of time to create their own rules based upon it. TOY BOX! challenges players to think on their feet and come up with their own experiences.

Social Climber – Facebook game – A game that gives you points for sending tweets or certain messages selected via social media. It gives you a selection of options what you can tweet or send, and the more strange or hurtful the message, the higher the point pay off. You can also send a certain amount of messages per day. The points you receive allow you to cultivate some digital representation of consumption like a bunch of virtual dogs where you buy them toys and close, or a virtual house that you can upgrade and buy furniture for.

we are building a religion ( what is religion?? ) – Essentially the game is a set of guidelines that helps a group of players come up with a new ideology/religion. It has them come up with either imaginary or real-life figureheads, a mantra, a few symbols, and some tenants to follow. The players will then follow these new practices despite their possible hiliarity/absurdity for three days and then observe the outcome of the exercise afterwards.

video game police – I would go online in an extremely violent video game and state the specific felony charge for every illegal action taken. In doing this, it would possibly encourage players to reflect upon the enormous amount of violence they participate in or consume in entertainment.

censorship test – A web plug-in that  either blocks certain words and images or replaces them with others. The plug-in also frequently pushes pop-ups that say things like “hey, get to work” and log you out of facebook/twitter and take you to a different sort of propaganda link instead. It will also start typing in whatever text field you yourself are currently typing in.

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MMarten- 10 Collabojam Ideas

All these ideas are based around the animation the guy shooting himself in the face

1) Hand-Gun

A game where we utilize the player’s actual hand and put it on touchscreen devices. Touching a character will kill them.

2) 2D Gun

Use a 2D aiming system (kinda like Angry Birds) to line up as many people and kill them with one bullet.

3) Free form action

allowing the player to move freely in a 3D environment and kill random people

4) Face-Aim

Allowing the player to commit suicide and try to kill as many players behind them with the bullet trajectory

5) Ricochet

Have the bullet bounce off of walls for an X amount of times and see how many headshots you can get

6) Sword-toss

Instead of a gun, we use a sword. Throw the sword to see how many heads you can chop with just one toss

7) Blood Spatter

See how many people you can spray with blood once you shoot yourself in the face

8) Bullet Hide

One of the random people in the crowd shoots a bullet and you have to dodge it.

9) Sound Bullet

The player must rely on sound to follow the trace of a bullet and find the origin point

10) Bullet Rider

The player transforms into the bullet once it is shot and can actually control it to kill the most people

“Canvas” Prototype (Collabojam Art Game)

Game Title: Canvas

Description: Canvas is a multiplayer game where “artists” fight for control over a canvas by trying to spread the most of their color on it. In the process, the artists create beautiful pieces of “art”. I made a physical prototype where players used peanut butter, fudge, ketchup, and sirracha sauce as their paint, eating utensils as their brush, and a table as their canvas. The art wasn’t beautiful, but it illustrated some of the design.

Team Members:
Adam Graham – Programming, Design
Alex Boccia – Audio

IMG_0252 IMG_0253

John Groot – Collabojam Ideas

Inspired by Haas’ loop animation (


  1. Big Worm Launcher:  Player controls a stationary cannon that shoots a worm-esque object at balls flying onto the screen.  The player can control the worm after it is shot but it only appears on screen for a limited amount of time; shrinks the longer it is on screen.
  2. Big Fish, Bigger Pond:  Player controls a small organism that eats other organisms to “grow”.  There is never a distinguishable largest organism, you are always smaller.
  3. Sharks N’ Minnows N’ then sharks and then Minnows…:  This local multiplayer game pits a group of minnow players against a shark.  Sharks convert minnows that try to get into zones and the last minnow becomes the new shark.  This repeats foreeevvveerrr.
  4. Slimey:  The player control(s) controls slime balls that roll onto the screen from random points.  The goal is to cover the screen/canvas with one color of slime secreted from their ball.  Colors change when screen is filled.
  5. Wigglin Cars:  Players controller wiggly cars on an endless highway where they absorb cars that they collide with.
  6. Canvas Cursing:  The player fills a canvas with paint for a certain amount of time and then the screen zooms out and the number of canvases is multiplied.
  7. Carving Terror:  You carve at a fleshy creature, taking off a layer of skin, only to find ANOTHER fleshy creature underneath. Infinite Peeling.
  8. Slime Arena:  4-8 players control their own slime balls that roll around a screen and try to eat each other.
  9. Ripples in a Pond:  Player drops droplets into a “pond” and the ripples cause a sound effect.  Colliding ripples change the sound effect.
  10. Eating:  A simple toy where a player presses a button and a slime character slo-mo eats various objects.

10 Collabojam Art Game Ideas – Adam Graham

Inspirtation Reference:

4-person multiplayer game where each player is a different color. Fight for control of an art canvas by spreading as much of your color as possible.

4-person multiplayer game where each player flows around in circles trying to eat one other. You play as squid-sperm-like things. Every time you bite another player you grow bigger and they grow smaller.

You play as a soul of a dead person. Fly around searching for other souls, possess them, and keep your soul alive.

4-player multiplayer game where each player is trying to headbutt the others to knock them out. However, you are dizzy and lack some control over movement.

You play as a popped balloon. Your goal is to try and stay in the air as long as possible before touching the ground.

Move around as an air molecule colliding with other molecules. Create enough energy to build molecules and create other states of matter.

Control raindrops with unusual cyclical patterns. See how it affects people and the world.

You are in control of an out of control fireball. Set as much on fire as possible before loosing your flame.

You are one of many tadpoles fighting for survival among your peers. Prove you are the strongest by swimming around eating and stealing food from others. Don’t butt-heads in the process.

Swim around underwater as a diver with super fast propulsion. Eat or be eaten.

Murray Campbell – Collabojam Game Ideas

These ideas are based on the blob-eating animation, AKA

  • Gone Fishin’
    • Game similar to spore’s early game section. You start as a small fish, and you try to eat the fish smaller than you, while avoiding the ones larger. If you get eaten, you become the larger fish and the game loop repeats ad infinitum.
  • Outside
    • You are different from everyone else. Walk around aimlessly and watch everyone kill each other endlessly. Evoke feelings of nausea from excess.
  • Blob Hero
    • Rhythm game where you have to hit the space bar at the correct times to keep the animation playing and the game running.
  • Glass Full
    • You have to fill various containers with copies of yourself by pressing space. Doing so will make you self-replicate rapidly, so you must time it right to fill the containers without breaking them.
  • The Cave
    • Make shadow puppets on the wall for the cave-dwellers. The camera is constantly zooming in, so you keep becoming the cave-dwellers, who also happen to be making their own shadows for the cave-dwellers that are smaller than them.
  • Piction
    • You are a slimy blob. Pick your color and move around, drawing pictures on the large canvas that stay there throughout separate play sessions.
  • Gluttony in Excess
    • Six player eat-em-up. You are a contestant in a food eating contest, and you must mash whatever button the game tells you to mash. Every so often, that button changes and you have to start mashing that button quickly, else you will throw up and lose.
  • Pave the Way
    • You are tasked with building the tallest building for your boss. The thing is, three other people have been tasked with the same objective. The game is turn based. On each turn, you choose to either build, defend, or steal. building is what will help you win in the end, but it makes you vulnerable to having parts of your building stolen. Defending defends against a steal, but you’re not building, obviously. Stealing will steal a level of someone else’s building and place it on yours.
  • Iron Assembly-Line Chef
    • You are working in a food factory with your friends, and each person fills a specific role in the food making process. Each role is a minigame similar to Cooking Mama, and what you’re doing depends on the final product you are trying to make. If you fail in your job, you let down all of your friends and their minigame is affected by your mistake. Make too many mistakes, and you’ll be fired, meaning your friends will have to pick up the extra work. Try not to all get collectively fired.
  • Guardian Angel
    • You are the protector of civilians trying to cross the Mexican-American border illegally. If you get caught, your civilian dies a gruesome death. Try to avoid patrols and other obstacles while leading people/families across.

Collabojam Ideas–Tony Wojnar

1. Shape Smash: Control a simple line and have it collide and connect with other shapes until a crazy mega-shape is made.

2. A Place Unseen: Control the entirety of an ever-multiplying supply of frogs to explore an invisible platforming space.

3. Eat Yourself: Chomp through a maze of faces that continually re-appear. If you are fast enough, you can have your avatar eat itself.

4. The Swarm: Become a swarm of flies by slowly gathering a horde.

5. Splatter Swirl: A toy where you can control and morph splatters of paint, have them combine and become new colors and shapes.

6. Crayon Sham: Draw using a crayon. As you move, different parts of the screen start drawing themselves.

7. Face Puzzle: Try to get the green face to the red face on a grid of faces. You can jump over certain faces, and have blue faces eat each other to clear space.

8. Frog Swamp: Move a line of frogs through a grid of lily pads. It really is a maze of crocodiles that will eat the frogs, but the line is infinite so you don’t have to restart.

9. Ghost Pot: You are a ghost swirling around in a witch’s cauldron. Try to avoid getting

10. Trigonometry: A math-based game where you you navigate space by computing and morphing angles and triangles in a step-by-step manner.