Matt Murphy political Game – Shooter

Shooter is a top-down shooter aimed to critique online culture and how fast it can turn into insults. The speed of the comments is dependent on the amount of times the player is hit.

Note: Comments not appearing aren’t a bug.


Matt Murphy- Everything


W: accelerate

S: deaccelerate

A/D: Rotate

Space/Mouse: shoot bullets

Link: (windows) ShooterRedux

Video download:  shooterVideo

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Game Ideas – From and posted for Andrew Mortega

Blog/Game ideas by Andrew Mortega

1: Ghost House

As the phantom resident of an abandon house you find your living residents are a bunch of troublemakers slowly destroying your house; you intervene to save the house. Explores the problems of those addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, and those trapped in human trafficking

2: Ivy Kingdom

Play as the CEO of an Ivy league school to amass more wealth, fame, honor and most of all to take it from the other schools. Meant to explore the exploitation taken upon American Students and the problem the business of education is having on society.

3: Thug Life

Manager a street gang in a city to survive the test of time. Meant to explore the issues surrounding gangs, as the player recruits members and learns about their lives.

4:The Application

Play as a newly graduated student and his plight to find a job. Explores the difficulty that students have in the new world markets.

5: Dominant

Players take roles as heads of different alien races as they politically fight for dominance over the city. This game is meant to take a look at how classism and racism still play major factors in politics today.

6: DMV Simulator 2015

Play as an employee at the department of motorized Vehicles. Explores the bureaucracy of the American Government.

7: So tell me! mobile app

This is a mobile application that is meant to allow users to ask socially unacceptable questions to other users and match them up together.

8: people packages

You are the head of a Human trafficking agency. You work to expand your enterprise and face the challenges of running a international illegal tracking ring

9: Catcher in the rye

Play as a firefighter trying to catch suicidal people jumping off bridges, cliffs, buildings, and airplanes.

10: temp agency

Work at a temp agency and work terrible jobs until you get fired. explores work culture

Dominant ——————————————-

Board game

Players: 3-6

The races:


(Western european)

Winston Churchill : All token actions against this race fail this round.

Napoleon Bonaparte : All unit actions are successful for two rounds ( May not play any other race cards in this duration)

Karl Marx:  Instantly move to the 1st position on the unity track, and all token actions are successful

Queen Elizabeth I : Money and Political capital produced this round is 4x




(Middle Eastern)


(East Asian)

Tokugawa Ieyasu : Instantly move to the 1st position on the unity track, and all token actions are successful

Yi Sun-sin : Stops all non east asian unit actions and doubles the

Confucius: upgrades all owen sections by one city square.

Mao Zedong : Instantly call for a re-elections on the dominance influence track


(african american)

Martin luther King : Instantly call for a re-elections on the dominance influence track

Oprah Winfrey : Money and Political capital produced this round is 4x

Frederick Douglass : All other players lose half of their political capital

Harriet Tubman: units can move anywhere on the board



Fidel Castro: Instantly call for a re-elections on the dominance influence track

Simon Bolivar: Instantly move to the 1st position on the unity track, and all other faction token actions fail

Pablo Escobar: 4x all money produced and all players must accept bribes

Montezuma: Not Latino race players lose half of their units instantly

Each race will have 4 unique player cards that they can played at any time throughout the game. However, once a unique player card has been used they may not be re-used during the game.


On the world map there will be 24 sections on the map. each player begins on one section. Each sections contains different attributes that affect the players controlling those sections.

There are three rings on the map. sectors within the outermost ring provide +1 money and +1 political capital. The sectors in the middle ring provide +2 money and +2 political capital. The center most sectors provide +4 money and +4 political capital. Each ring has a corresponding price for a city square.

Outer ring sectors cost 1 political capital and 1 money. Middle sectors cost 3 political capital and 3 money. And the sectors within the innermost ring cost 5 political capital and 5 money.


Political Capital –  these tokens represent How much political strength your race has over the city. These Tokens are used during voting sessions  At the end of each round a player receiver political capital tokens based on how many sections they control and how much money they have.

Money – These tokens represent how wealthy your race is. money can be used to purchase sections, purchase units, and bribe other players.

City squares – These idols represent both what sectors the player controls and how strong a sector is. Once a unit has been placed on a neutral territory, a player may purchase a city square to place on the sector to claim it. Player may add more city squares to a sector to double the benefits received from the sector. However the price of adding a square is double for every square added. If a sector is assaulted and the assaulting party wins, the winner of the assault may place a city square on the claimed sector. a player must have a city square on the sector in order to receive any benefits from the sector.

Action tokens ——————–

Riot- will either: make an adjacent section’s attributes not count for the results phase of the round,

Bribe- Used to pay for tokens actions to be either routed or omitted (price of bribes are determined by the dominant player. Meaning the dominant player will all the bribe to take effect or not.)

Invest- will double money and political capital in section, depending on city squares

Expand- will allow a player to move one of these units into an adjacent neutral section,  or assault an already occupied sector

Riot and Expand token can only be used on sections with a unit on it.



Each player starts the game with two units. More units may be purchased during the voting phase.

each unit cost 2 money


The game is played over 8 rounds. The winner is the player who is the dominant race at the end of round 8.

each round is broken up into 4 phases.

1: Global Phase

A global card is drawn which affects all of the players. after the card has been drawn players may purchase units or buildings for their sections using either political capital or money, in order of there standing in the dominance track. once the last player has had the chance to do so, the round moves to the event phase

2: Event phase

A card is drawn from each event phase deck.(The number of cards drawn is dependance on the number of players in the current game.) The player controlling the dominant race gets to assign the card to a player. The effect of the card is takes immediate effect and is resolved immediately.

2: Planning Phase

During this phase players assign their political power tokens, and or action tokens to the board faced down without revealing their actions unless a card from the earlier phases is enacted.

3:Action Phase

The tokens are resolved in the order from the dominance scale.

4: voting Phase

Here players  may again purchase units or buildings for their sections using either political capital or money. Players may also vote to change influence tracks by using political capital. Any other trades or agreements may be carried out during this phase before the dominant race calls for the beginning of the next round.

influence tracks———–

Dominant race track: Player get the perks of being the dominant race and gets more political capital per turn depending on there standing on this track. the player in 1st position doubles the amount of political capital gained at the end of each round, as well as allowed to move their units around any sector without conflict.

Industry track: player get more money per turn depending on there standing on this track. The Race in 1st position doubles the amount of money gained at the end of each round is allow to purchase any sectors regardless of ownership.

Unity track: players  units get more power depending on there standing on this track.

The race in 1st position get’s a +2 strength bonus to all units, and allow units to move over two sectors.


If a player assaults a sector there is a battle phase. The winner is determined by the player who possesses the highest strength number. The Strength number is determined by the number of units on the sector, the number of city squares, and any special race cards played at this time.

all units count for +1 strength.

all city squares count for +1 strength

And in the case of a tie, the dominant race chooses the winner of the assault.

General events————-

at the end of turn 4 and turn 8 there is a mandatory voting session on all of the influence tracks. Players all bid at the same time using their political capital for position on the industry and unity tracks. For the dominance track players vote using their political capital. Players may not vote for themselves for this track during the mandatory votes, on turn 4 and 8 or on a phase card or race card that indicates as such. If there is a tie, the non-tied players may vote for the two constants using both their political capital and money. both political capital and money are worth one point, the player with the most total points becomes the dominant player. If there is another tie, again the non-tied players may vote for the two constants using both their political capital and money.

Once money or political capital is spent on the vote it may not recovered after any action.

Global cards—————————–

Neo-Revolution – All positions on the influence board and are bid for as if the game was played at the end of round 4 or 8,

Global recruitment- All Players receive one additional unit

Clear skies – nothing happens

Stock Market Crash- All player lose 2 money per city square

Recession – player do not receive any money from their claim sectors this round

Global prosperity – All player receive x2 the amount of money at the end of the round

Great flood- all players may not move their units

Political uproar –  All player receive x2 the amount of political capital at the end of the round

———————————————— event cards

race specific illness – player loses a unit

Gentrification – The player chooses a sector to lose ownership of, and moves any units on it to neutral or friendly territory. The dominant player becomes to new owner of the sector and city squares.

Depression – Player will only receive half of the money at the end of the round

Pacification Act-  Player may not assault another sector

War machine – Player may or assault twice per unit

Failed investments – player will not be able to invest in this round

Cultural Conversion – the player highest on the unity track will receive a unit form the player lowest on the on the unity track

Bailout – player will receive money from all the other players equal to the amount of city squares and units they own. the player who receives this money gives all of his political capital to the other players in equal amounts.

Local prosperity – player will receive 2x more money at the end of the round

Building plans – city squares cost half as much this round.

Inner city riots – choose a sector to remove a city square.

Major corruption – any bribe assigned to this sector is enacted.

Dominance Final – For Andrew Mortega


The goal of this game was to explore the social inequalities what have in today’s world that stem from the histories of different ethnic groups around the world. The game also plays to the heritage of the different people and attempts to incorporate these factors in a board game setting. Inspiration for this game came from the idea of having tangible race cards that someone could play at anytime to gain an advantage. As we go about our daily lives we tend to forget how these factors affect the places we go and what we do, and well often we do see people playing there “race cards” to correct what they may feel is a inequality. From Schools, to businesses and government programs race does play a role in the manor one is advised.

Though this game, I hope that player are able to experience how it is being on the bottom and top of a society and have a better understanding of those in different situations than their own.

Game Rules:

Dissociate – Final

All of the everything (including programming whoa!) – Katryna Check
— with lovely help from Kevin W, & Corey K

This game is about my experience coping with sexual assault. You work backwards through a linear maze collecting journal entries that lead you up to the night that it happened.


USE WSAD to move. Experience the Maze.


For the final build I made the following changes –

– I attempted to change the ending. Unfortunately I could not figure out a way to end it properly for the scope of this class. I did change the music and add a final entry that spoke on how I am not sure I can end the game due to not being fully over the trauma.

– I made the fire hallway section move a bit faster so its not as frustrating.

– The wind hallway is now longer for the desired effect.

– Heartbeat hallway is now also longer (would also like the intensity to ramp up but not for the scope of this class)

– I added music queues on note pick up but I honestly dont know if I like them so I might take them out.

– I fixed some of the notes timings that were off to the best of my ability.

– The end now just fades instead of being lifted up into the air.

– Added catcall sound FX and staggered grabbing hands more.

-Added a collider on the grabbing hands so the player would be affected by them.

-Tried porting to the Oculus but the note writing felt off so I decided to not do that.

Final Build — must be played in 1600 by 900 – (im sorry I couldnt get the aspect ratio to lock :( )






Collabojam Ideas

Again sorry.

1. Baby bird falls out of its nest…every time you fall out of the nest, a few birds try to help get you back into the nest.  Make it less difficult for them.

2.  Suicide cult – Jonestown comes to mind…but it’s all by handgun.  Not everyone wants to die because one out of four people realize what’s really going on and snap out of it at the last minute.  They must now try to gather together and save everyone that is good and kill everyone who is a controlling bastard that is out to kill you.

3.  The missing piece – based off of Shel Silverstein’s book, but instead of trying to fill the void with the right shape, the character(you)  try to fill the void by eating things, including other weird objects like yourself.

4.  Leap frog extreme – try to get as many other frogs to jump over the  larger out of place frog.  Levels based on amount exceeded.

5.  Cannibal hell –  Once eaten enough of other and get to a certain size, you are then up to be eaten.  Keep trying to eat others while avoiding being eaten.

Sorry its as far as I got.

Political Game Ideas

Sorry I never posted these, just never can remember when I’m actually online.

1. Shut down Congress – find any means necessary to shut down congress.  You are either a member of congress, a citizen, or a lobbyist.  You must figure out the most obnoxious or devious way to make Congress get into a stalemate and therefore shutdown.

2. The nuclear bomb – you have the only nuclear bomb in the world and you have to use it.  But you have to figure out where to use it so that there is the least amount of fallout and the most gain of power.

3.  Reverse harassment office – harassment by women has been approved to teach all men how they have and continue to treat women.  So women can say and do the worst things in the office towards men, but men can not say anything back but something sweet or kind.  Results at end are that men start flipping out in the most stereotypical feminine way combined with child-like temper tantrums.

4.  Femgames – women fully take over the gaming industry and put all the trolls in their place through physical and mental means.  All revenge is based on the trolling and their own figured out kinks.

5. Empirical worth – an empire is built, but no outside influences are ever allowed.  Other empires of smaller stature compete for power around you.  You must always try to figure out how to be better than those around you without using any of their ideas or strategies.  Based on China and Chinese philosophy and history.

6. Screen life – commuting and going around daily routines with a screen in your face always.  All outside life tries to get in your way from doing what you are doing on the screen.  Get through the day and get through all the screens to live to the next day.

7.  Abortion hearings – take all the crazy ideas that politicians have and act them out in front of them at a hearing to prove how they are right or wrong. Based on those who know nothing about science and don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

8.  I’m sorry – all white people have to go around and figure out creative ways to make amends for being assholes so much through time.

9.  Transit – everyone has to get to work, but they have to contribute through upgrade work and fiscal reports so that the train or bus will run.  The more contribution or  higher grade of contribution gives more fuel to the vehicle or makes the driver actually do their job.

10.  Student riot – elementary school setting.  Students riot when they are given standardized tests, when they are given false information instead of being taught real history and science.  You are the teacher trying to follow the curriculum, but you have to figure out how to keep the calm by deciding to do what is best for the students or best for the country/government/state/school.


“Space Magic” (Final Art Game)

Space Magic puts the player in control of numerous spells and particle effects which they can explore by casting them out in space and hitting stars. Use the Mouse to look around. Mouse click or Spacebar to cast a spell. The game also supports the Leap Motion Controller for additional hand interactions with the stars.

Download the game at the following URL (Windows Build)

Victoria McCreary – Art
Carlos Revollo – Audio
Deandre Crenshaw – Modeling
Adam Graham – Programming

spacemagic_screenshot_01 spacemagic_screenshot_02 spacemagic_screenshot_03

Blinder Final


Matt Baker – UI Art/Design

John Groot – Programmer

Mariah Hale – Programmer


Make a Profile!

Rate Your Friends!

Find Out What They Think About You!


If you have an android device:

( In order to install this app you must enable non-app store installations in your system settings)

Otherwise play the web build:

Screenshots / Video:

11032154_904046762949199_837709983_o 11064082_904046696282539_2040223998_o 11000603_904046659615876_1705535303_o 11031107_904046612949214_1596326379_o



Our team added:

  • A new UI system!
  • A more intuitive touch interface!
  • More keyboard navigation (tab between entries!)! !!!
  • More rating interaction (more adjectives/visuals)!


Used for UI assets: