Pedro Final 10 Game Ideas

  1. Blissful Train – Finding a good seat on the train where you can listen to music as loud as you want. Sometimes you just feel awkward if people can hear your music and enter your “listening space”.
  2. Fun Learning – Being as loud as you can be in the classroom before someone from another class comes in to tell you to keep it down.
  3. Bunny Hops – The player hops about a block and tries to get people’s attention. The more questions and remarks made from random people, the better.
  4. Student Robots – Post an Advertisement on a few of the school boards around campus calling for people to go online and check out your blog site. This is meant to emphasize the number of people who actually care to read through the school boards and see what they can find out of curiosity. The mock site you use can be anything you want, but the more people who visit the site, the better.
  5. Lunk For Life –  A game set in a Planet Fitness Gym where you work out intensively and set off the lunk alarm as many times as you can. This is turn can make it interesting to see how many alarms  you can set off in order for the staff of the gym to come to talk to you. For the extreme people, this can be a real life physical game. For the timid people, this can be a digital game that might require some research and talking to Planet Fitness staff beforehand.
  6. OCD Online – So this game could be a digital game featuring a sort of scrapbook interface. The goal would be to look at the random images based on pop culture, and the media, and the person will bunch up which images they think match up together. People will obviously think of different similarities and some will be obsessed with the correct groupings.
  7. Smart Ways To Die – This can be a digital game. It can actually be a text based game where the player is presented with different scenarios. Multiple choices are presented where the smarter way to die gives more points.
  8. That’s Not Awkward – 2 people who don’t really talk to each other will try to talk about as much as possible in order to not have an awkward silence. If that happens, the game is over. The longer they last talking to each other, the better their score.
  9. Funky House – While listening to funky music, the player uses basic shapes to build houses.
  10. The Waiting Game – A bunch of buttons are presented to the players. After waiting a while, a short sequence is then played really fast for the player to replicate. This is like a test to see how much patience the player has and if they actually pay attention.

Final Game Ideas

  1. Social Media Overload: try to keep minimizing notifications that keep opening from different social media sites while there notifications sounds play.
  2. Rain Drop: watch as a single rain drop continues to drip slowly to the floor over and over again.
  3. Glass Break: click the screen to crack the glass and eventually break it
  4. Fire Fun: light random objects on fire
  5. Life: keep clicking a button that earns the player more money until they die
  6. Sexual Innuendo: Insert phallic shaped objects into yonic(vaginal) shaped objects
  7. Collateral Damage: Click a button to launch a missile at a designated target, watch as the civilian and hostile death count rise

Final Ideas

1.The Hollow inspiration – recreation of an irish fairy tale

2. surreal fun house

3. modern day family living in a dungeon

4. seemingly alive city in middle of nowhere of field

5. walk through a garden that doesn’t grow plants

6. people don’t eat food anymore

7. experiencing a spherical life

8. what is really within the holes you find in nature – scenes of modern day family life

9. walk through space garden

10. mash of worlds

Patrick’s 10 Game Ideas

  1. The Story of my Hanok: A game telling the story of Grandpa Patrick of his experience of the Korean War living in his home stuck in the crossfire.
  2. Pizza creator: Make quick pizzas in rapid successions as customers demand your famous cheese pizza . Your job is to make as many before the timer but maybe you also want to add something a little more special like ANCHOVIES.
  3. The Royale Banana Ball: The King has announced hosting a Royal Banana Ball where all of his subjects that owns land and money must gather enough bananas for the royal ball. Player’s job is to gather as much banana in any means necessary which can be farming or using mystical creatures.
  4. Remember…. : A game that shows pictures of past events “a quizzer” if you will to test the player’s memory and historical materialism on knowing what each of these events mean to Americans and the World alike.
  5. YOU BAR BAR!!: A game that starts in a primitive hut where the player makes key decisions to make his house “Civilized” and become one with his western and eastern neighbors.
  6. Run Home: Try to get home as fast as possible taking short cuts and free rides. but remember, the more illegal stuff you do the more police activity could happen.
  7. The Assigner: Assign your workers to do certain jobs in order to finish the contract work that you have selected to do. But remember some workers are greater in other roles than others, choose wisely on who does what.
  8. Muffin Cannon: shoot muffins at random pedestrian but also create a muffin factory to keep your ammunition up, goal is simple give as many muffins to the world for world peace.
  9. The World is a Lie: Feel the pain of being detached from reality as you don’t know whats true and whats not true as you walk around like seeing things not knowing whether or not they are there.
  10. Day 0: A horror reality detachment game where your not able to move but instead look around and see things you should not be seeing even though your friend is there with you.

Matt Szotek – Final Game Ideas

  1. TSA training – look through a bag for a marked item that is a bomb. You need to do it within a certain time or you lose.
  2. BillCrap – Card game where you try and pass bills with riders in order to win.
  3. Grasp – Hold your breasts and see how long it takes for people to try and get you to stop.
  4. People Drink Pong – Tape cups to different parts of your body and essentially play beer pong.(If you are below 21 use something else.)
  5. Diet Farm – Roll obese people into farm pens in order to force feed them salad in a trough.
  6. Granola war – Set up towers sing blocks and try to destroy them with projectile thrown granola bars.
  7. You have Cancer – Convince people that they do indeed have cancer
  8. Congratulations – Congratulate people at the oddest of times in order to offend them as much as possible.
  9. Dinner Time – Roleplay dinner between a family with randomly given roles, personality, and motive.
  10. Date for me – Create a dating profile for someone else and have them use it for at least a week.

Final Game Idea – Partner Taste Test

For the final project I will be putting on a little game show for the class. I will have three (or more if people are really excited about playing the game) teams of two. I will be providing people with all the different ingredients that they will need to participate, both yummy and yucky. The object of the game is for each pair of partners to make a cookie for their partner while they are blindfolded, then have the partner eat the the cookie and try to guess what the ingredients are. The cookie can have as many ingredients as they want, the base of the cookie will most likely be an Oreo or something similar, and whichever team guesses the most ingredients correctly wins (some prize to be determined).

August Karlstedt – Final Game Ideas

  1. art of 4chan – the postings on this internet forum seem to cross all boundaries: nothing is held back. without restrictions, we see a new wave of art: memes, stories, collaboration, remixes, games, and more. possibly a museum of posts/images.
  2. awake – a game in which you choose what to ingest the night before in hopes of creating the perfect concoction to energize yourself in the morning
  3. purrumble – game in which you must gently stroke your controller, press certain buttons, etc. to figure out how to make your cat (the controller) purr (rumble).
  4. five senses game – like the game I described in capstone
  5. norms – a game in which you play as a character that can switch between how they view themselves and how others perceive them. Could play on a variety of social issues like body type (view themselves as giant/fat, society views them as something else.) (or society views them as dark/creepy, they view themselves as creative and nervous) – these views would have different effects on the world around them
  6. rorschach – game in which rapidly changing images are presented for interpretation



Unnamed Game


The two ideas that inspired this game were car racing and the path to fame. 1) I like cars, so I figured…racing game. But to give it some depth and meat, I threw in the social media-esque fame pursuit path. Just as in race, success is dictated by how quickly success is achieved. Everyone crosses the finish line in NASCAR and F1, but the winner gets there first. As with celebrity-hood, the person who gets most recognized is the flashiest and the quickest, and the only way to continue to be the fastest is to…go faster.

My game is intended to simulate collecting “followers”, and as followers are grabbed the player gets faster and more uncontrollable. There are no walls on the track to deliver the challenge, and also express just how easy it is to crash and burn. In both instances, the faster you go the greater the fall could. That is, unless you can hold on.


Dirty Thoughts

Our game is developed as a sensory overload game.  It was built as a game that is supposed to leave you guessing on what things in the world are and what you think they might be.


Download: v0.0.2

The game is sorely lacking in the aesthetics department but it’s functionally there.


Producer/Programmer: Glen Staffeldt

Co-Producer/UI Design: James Huzl

Sound Design: Josh

Sound Design: Gino Valdez

Game Design: Pedro Infante


10 Game Ideas (James Huzl)

  • Unicorn – You wear a scapula on your head and the goal of the game is to stack different items to create a unique burger/sandwich. The more unique ingredients you use, more points you gain.
  • Grip – It’s a two player game where you must hold an egg with only using your forehead. It shows how you must balance on the strength within your partner in having a child.
  • Focus – It’s a two player game where one person will be wearing a blindfold and the other person navigates you through the building reaching your destination. This teaches on proper communication and trust.
  • Topsy-turvy – You will be placed upside down and will be given a challenge to do a task. The goal is to capture being under pressure and knowing the moves you make are far more difficult than you participated.
  • Transporter – The goal of the game is to transporter items without using your hands. The goal is to create new ways to transport an item to one person to another.
  • Arm Strong – It’s a one player game where you as a player is to transport yourself only using one arm. The goal of the game is to create new ways on overcoming challenges.
  • Fat Hands – You will be wearing boxing gloves and will be given task using only using your modified hands. The goal of the game is to show the difficulty having elephantiasis.
  • Rain God – You will be put in a position where you must move the water from one location to another only using items that are in you possession. You must creative and unique ways on moving water.
  • Archery – You will be given the supplies on creating a modify bow and arrows. You must hit a target from one table away.
  • Safe– You will be given supplies on creating a safe to protect an egg. You must use the resources to create a strong safe that could withstand a 4ft drop.