Final Art Game: Fabulous Chef


Audience – Everyone

Team Members –

Producer: Glen Staffeldt

Co-Producer/Designer: James Huzl

Sound Design/Artist: Josh Larra

Designer: Gino Valdez

Game Designer: Pedro Infante

The inspiration for this game came from some of our team members’ project for another class involving VR burger making within a set time. We all thought that digital game was a good starting point, and that we basically emulate that experience, but with a physical game. So we moved towards a game where you are making a weird sandwich (made up of stuff that doesn’t make sense), but the catch is the player can’t use their hands. What we did with the spatula was tape it to the top of a hat, and this would be the players “arm”. This was designed so that the player will be “too” aware of what they are doing. So they are focused more on their physical actions than anything else.

Another aspect of the game is that the player is supposed to feel like a unicorn. This is another reason why we are using a spatula on top of the head. We are also going to play a girly, unicorn type of song to go along with the experience of making a burger/sandwich. This also came from an inspiration of listening to chibi-sounding Jpop. Another thing we might do is put glitter on some blank papers, and tape them on the player. This is just the cherry on top in order to find what the weirdest part of our game is, or what makes the player feel the most uncomfortable. We might even find out that our game isn’t weird at all, and it just creates a powerful magic circle.


Game Materials –



Plastic spatula

Bread/burger buns

Random items for the burgers

“Feminine” music

Foam Plates


Changes made to game:


We initially had used random items to use for the burgers, but we decided to follow the virtual burger game more faithfully and made burger foods out of construction paper. This design ended up being better for the player to actually imagine what they were doing. At first we were thinking of using glitter in some way, although we weren’t sure how. Then we decided on using glitter glue to draw on the hat the player uses. We also brought along some feminine items like hairpins, nail polish, and a small mirror. The last thing we added to the game was a timer. The maximum amount of time we gave players was 3 minutes to put a “burger” together and on the plate.


In class Playtest Pictures:



20160607_125843 20160607_130015 20160607_130207

20160607_130231 20160607_130244



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