Black Magic

Concept: This game is designed over the superstitions believed in India called Chetabadi , an evil practice of killing people with the help of spirits.

Historical Overview:
According to K.S. Singh, former Director-General of the Anthropological Survey of India and author-editor of the Peoples of India Project, the advent of witchcraft in India probably coincided with the arrival of the colonial rulers. The local people had a larger view of Shamanism (the world of good and evil spirits), but with European influence it began to get identified with black magic, white magic and witchcraft. Women were regarded as healers and granted powers in Shamanism, he said. In his own observation of tribal societies, mostly in Bihar, the majority of witches killed were women and some 30 per cent were men, Singh said. Entire families were wiped out in some areas. Greed for property was one of the main reasons for witch-killing, he said. The struggle for gender equality had also led to various forms of insecurities in village communities, according to Singh. When family members intervened, they were most often killed along with the branded women. Singh said that tribal cosmology was explicit in its reference to women being trained as witches. The Santhals, he said, were major “witch-killers” and their witches were often women.

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Objective : Find out the essence in the game, you will find it out in the end.

Controls: Arrow keys/ A S D W, SHIFT to run.


Screen Shots:


Developed by: Charan Teja Allada (Designer/Programmer), Hanumantha Reddy Gollapalli (Programmer/Designer)

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